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innervue helps companies recruit and retain their best employees, with the power of cutting edge AI and deep learning technologies over text and video, and addresses bad hire and voluntary turnover, problems that cost US businesses over $1 trillion every year


Video Interviews Cloud

Video interviews

At innervue, we strive to create the most advanced, and at the same time natural, one-way interview experience. In order to do that, we’ve teamed up with a couple of the world’s best AI video generation platforms, to create a gallery of friendly virtual interviewers - The Avatars. Recent experiments have shown that an avatar based one-way interview creates a more realistic and welcoming environment, which in turn stimulates thorough and sincere answers. While one-way interviews are best suited for screening and initial interviews, the traditional two-way interviews are also supported by the innervue platform, and enable the same level of comprehensive analytics.


Assessing applicants’ fit to a job and to an organization, on personal and behavioral levels is never an easy task. Various methods and tests have been developed and introduced over the years, however the interview, as biased as it may be, is still the leading vehicle to drive decisions in while recruiting and retaining employees. Our goal at innervue, is to provide decision makers with a complementary analytics system, based on AI-generated measures. This measures can customized and weighed to best fit any role and team, and thus help the organization recruit and retain their best employees

Open platform

Recruitment and retention processes are never isolated and are often managed and documented in more than one platform, whether that would be ATS (Applicant Tracking System), Video Recording, or even scheduling and messaging systems. Our goal at innervue is to provide seamless integration among these systems to allow unified and comprehensive processes that take advantage of existing data and systems to maximize value and efficiency


When psychology meets technology

At innervue, we strive to develop the best and most fair video interviews evaluation platform. Our goal is to harness advanced AI technologies to supersede the way employers currently interview and evaluate applicants.


Throughout our research and development processes, we have been guided by four leading principles: Standardization, Applying Multiple Evaluators, Fairness, and Validation.


Our assessment platform was validated by comparing hundreds of assessments made by professionals to the outputs of our machine-learning prediction models. We have then assessed the correlation among them across four major dimensions, all applicable to the hiring and employment domain: Problem solving and Thought process, Operations and Performance, Interpersonal Skills and Organizational Suitability.


To minimize potential bias, we have taken a strategic decision to focus at this time solely on Natural Language Processing capabilities to analyze the applicants’ response and avoid using complementary technologies such as facial expression recognition and voice expression recognition




As seasoned professionals, we have always appreciated the significant role interviews play in both applicants' and companies' lives. Experiencing the challenges of video interviews first hand, we have set ourselves a mission to harness and develop advanced technologies to support better hiring decisions in a responsible way and promote equality, diversity, and inclusion


Among the biggest problems in today’s modern world are employees’ recruitment and retention. Recruiters and managers often lack the time and know-how to properly evaluate the employee/applicant, their motivation and their skills. Organizations try to minimize errors by involving more than one evaluator (human or test), often in a serial, inefficient process. Now, imagine a world where we could involve hundreds and thousands of different evaluators and tools  simultaneously - every time we meet an applicant or an employee.

Naturally, the ability to evaluate properly and thoroughly will dramatically improve. We call this innovative platform innervue - the video interviews cloud


innervue develops and integrates cutting-edge deep learning technologies in a responsible and secure way, to provide accurate and scalable video interviews and analytics platform. Voice To Text, Textual Sentiment Analysis, Synthetic Videos and Recommender Systems are at the heart of our solution, with additional innovations envisioned and built in our labs.




Lauren Smith  |  VP, HR Practice, Gartner

"86% of organizations are conducting virtual interviews to hire candidates during Coronavirus Pandemic. Virtual interviewing may become the new standard for recruiting leaders and candidates long after social distancing guidelines are lifted"

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